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No matter how science changes over the next decades, human health will always be tied to the health of
our surrounding environment.



The Ellanor C. Lawrence Park Friends group works with thoughtful intention to support park initiatives and activities that help protect and preserve our park ... and our planet.



ECL Park Friends will devise and implement communications plans and strategies for promoting park events, as well as create campaigns that inform and reinforce how individuals can help protect our park and our planet. We will create grassroots projects that get attention and earned media.




ECL Park Friends will create opportunities for corporate sponsorships and partnerships as well as develop, design and implement dedicated campaigns for fundraising. We will hold benefit events at the park and will research grant and crowd funding opportunities.


ECL Park Friends will work with educators to develop curricula and projects that promote environmental education and awareness. We will work to secure grants for summer programs and develop and design materials, as needed.


  • Intention. ECL Park Friends will work mindfully and with thoughtful intention as we undertake projects in support of our park. We will use environmentally friendly processes and materials wherever possible to limit negative impact on the environment. We will support the living building initiative by doing our best to follow the spirit of living building guidelines and through leading by example.

  • Intelligence. ECL Park Friends has engaged the minds of lawyers, scientists, accountants, artists, communications professionals and others who will help to map out strategies and execute on objectives.

  • Kindness and Respect. ECL Park Friends will treat members, sponsors, advocates, and our community and our environment with kindness and respect at all times.

  • Creativity. ECL Park Friends will not settle for the status quo, and we will work with the hope that the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) will support us in our approach as creative problem solvers.

  • Passion. All members of ECL Park Friends are passionate supporters of our park and the environment. We live here, work here and have raised our kids (and walked our dogs) “in the park.”

ECLP Friends are proud to support FCPA


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead



A Legacy of Sustainability.
A World of Difference.

Architectural Rendering. The Sully Stewardship Education Center final plans will be published soon. Check back soon or more information!


For more information, please visit:


The Sully Woodlands Stewardship Education Center will provide a place for the community to gather and explore their dependent connection to natural & cultural resources.


Spring is always an exciting time at the park. Flowers bloom, trees bud, animals awaken, life begins again. But spring of 2022 doesn’t just hold the promise of nature’s timeless renewal. It holds the reality of the brand-new Sully Woodlands Stewardship Education Center. This incredible project will change the way our community can experience and learn about the natural world that sustains us every day.

What makes The Sully Woodlands Stewardship Education Center (The Stewardship Center) so amazing? It is designed to be one of only two “Living Buildings” in Virginia, and only one of 25 in the world! This incredible addition to our park is designed to be wholly sustainable in order to meet the stringent requirements for The Living Building Challenge.  It will use renewable energy and operate in a pollution-free manner, year-round. The Center will be built from environmentally friendly materials and be fully accessible to everyone. This unique community resource is designed to be an international model of sustainability and environmental stewardship.


What You Do Affects Everyone.

The word “Stewardship” implies a responsibility for actively taking care of something worth passing on to future generations, and making sure that it is as good or better than when you received it. It is the continuing process of accessing resources and issues, performing management actions, analyzing the results, and applying lessons-learned to build healthy landscapes and preserve cultural features and artifacts. The Center will model best stewardship practices in its design, construction, and usage. It will provide education and interpretation about the Park Authority and its partnering groups’ stewardship of the resources in the region. The Woodlands Stewardship Center is part of our community's legacy, not only to our area, but to the world.


Healthy Landscapes Ensure Healthy Communities.

You can make a difference that will contribute to a healthier community – and a better world. The Stewardship Center will leverage the art and science of interpretation, which is built on the principle of connecting people to resources through universal concepts and compelling stories to create emotional connections. The Center will provide meaningful and memorable interpretive experiences that connect visitors directly to resources. We will create Earth Ambassadors.

The STEAM Learning Area

The Sully Woodlands Stewardship Education Center will have a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math (STEAM). Located adjacent to the Center, the STEAM Learning Area will have accessible outdoor activities that teach about subjects such as weights and measures, solar energy, sustainable building practices and other areas of interest that promote the restoration and management of natural resources to improve their health and function. The STEAM Learning Area will provide a place for the informal, unstructured, childhood nature experiences that most influence the development of adult conservation values. It is more important than ever before that our children connect with nature and become good stewards of the earth and its resources.


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Gather 'Round the Campfire!


No firepit? No problem! Round up a few friends or family members for your own personal ECLP Campfire! As the weather turns cooler (we hope) what could be better than a night hike and a relaxing evening in park?

•  Enjoy the Park’s trails 

•  Play outdoor games-need ideas, ask! 

•  Request a nature or history scavenger hunt 

•  Request historic games 

•  Get a personal Visitor Center experience 

•  Request a 30 minute interpretive program 

    on Park Animals for $30. 


Call or email for Reservations:

703-631-0013 or Kiersten.Fiore@fairfaxcounty.gov 

Campfire Details 

• $63 per hour, minimum 2 hours: which includes set up and clean up. 

• Park Provides; Fire wood, fire safety tools, 3 benches and 3 picnic tables. 

• Staff will light the fire if needed and staff with be responsible to extinguish the fire. 

• Campfires must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance and depend on staff availa-bility. 

• Group must follow Park rules and Virginia Covid- 19 Guidelines. 

To request reasonable ADA accommodations, call 703-324-8563, TTY 711,
at least 10 working days in advance of the event. 






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